Aisha Buhari Vs Fayose’s war gets messier, takes a new turn


Aisha Buhari has filed a lawsuit against Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose over his claim that she was involved in the Halliburton corruption scandal.

 Fayose had in a statement he released in June alleged that Aisha Buhari was the “Aisha Buhari” named in a U.S. court document, alleged to have been involved in a bribery case involving a former U.S. lawmaker, Williams Jefferson.

Although Aisha Buhari has denied the claims and even threatened a lawsuit, Fayose still insisted that she was the one indicted in the corruption case. ‎The lawsuit was filed today July 20th. No judge has been assigned to the case yet but Fayose enjoys immunity as he is a sitting governor.


  1. The lawsuit is really excruciating and cannot be treated as a joke, we should know where they are coming from and why these things have to end up in the court. As for this case, politics is concerned and I cannot help but wonder if the corruption is from the governor's office, what more is happening in the small wing of the government. A trust essays states that money is the root of corruption, I hope that it ends here and not go beyond.

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