Exclusive: S3X War! Popular Show Promoter And Biodun Okeowo Fight Dirty Over Bedroom Matters


There is another fresh crisis rocking the life of Nollywood
actress, Biodun Okeowo, better known in the entertainment sector as Tolani
Just a while ago, a certain show promoter simply known as
Owomabo on Instagram took on the actress. He alleged that he had a fling with Biodun
and later ‘dumped’ her because he was warned to stay off.
Owomabo also claimed he has been sending the actress who’s
also a mother of two money constantly. Topping it all, he further alleged that
he chose the colours Biodun painted her bedroom and had established a good
relationship with the light skinned actress until a friend warned him to stay
away from her that she is a ‘bad luck’.
To prove his point, he released some evidence of their
past interaction which dated back to some years ago via Instagram.
However, when we contacted the actress who is feeling so
embittered about the whole accusation, she went down memory lane to narrate how
the drama all started.

“The first time I got to know about Owomabo was in 2004. Over
11 years ago. I told him bluntly I wasn’t interested if it is relationship he
wants but he said no, that he wants to invest in movie making.
When he asked about doing a screenplay I gave him price and
that’s why I gave him the business account to pay in to start d screenplay. After
he has sent the money, then he said it’s me he actually liked and that he
dashed me the money. The lady that linked us can testify to this. When I saw
that he’s stalking me, I lied to him one day that he’s causing rifts between me
and my guy that he should please stop calling or pinging so I deleted him off
my bb.”
Continuing, the actress who also the CEO of Victoria’s Secret
Beauty Shop said she was so shocked last night, Sunday, September 6, when she
got the information that her ‘toaster’ has been boasting to everyone that he
has slept with her on countess occasions.
“Until my sister pinged me last night to tell me how he
has been going around boasting of f**king me anytime he’s in Nigeria. That got
me angry and with the intention of making people know that not all they hear
about actresses are true, SO I posted the chats on Instagram.

Believe me, I don’t even know this guy and haven’t met him in person, he is out there to tarnish my image which I have worked so hard to build. This is so painful. If I had a fling with him, I wouldn’t have had the guts to mention him on my Instagram posts” she avowed.