Friday Beauty Crush: Flawless Makeup + Lips

Achieving perfect lips is very personal in terms of size and pout. However contouring them carefully gives you perfect shape lips regardless of size and pout.
Make it a rule, whenever you apply lipstick, weather you contour your lips using a lip liner or not, always contour your lips using foundation or concealer following your lip line from the outside. It is such a simple step, yet makes a very strong beauty statement….read more

lips 3
If you are applying nude lipstick and do this trick, your lips will look fuller. If you are applying darker lip colors and do this trick, your lips will look thinner yet bolder.
With just a little lip liner and pop of color, you can take your lips from flat to va va voom in under two minutes.
Steps: 1. To create a contoured look to your lips, start by lining the lips with the Artistry Automatic Lip Liner, resting the knuckle of your little finger on the chin for stability.
  1. Apply lip liner, starting from the outer corner of your upper lip and move up toward the cupid’s bow; repeat on the other side.
  2. Next, draw a horizontal line in the center of lower lip, keeping your knuckle anchored and move liner pencil outward to corners following lip shape.
  3. Using a lip brush, apply the darker of the 2 lipstick shades to the outer half of upper and lower lips.
  4. Fill in the rest of the lips with the lighter shade lipstick, and then use the brush to blend out any visible lines between the 2 shades.
*If it’s a special occasion and you want to really pump up the volume, apply a very small amount of foundation to the lip before applying liner.