‘Go And Apologize To Toyin Aimakhu’- Freeze Scolds Seun Egbegbe

Although Nigerians are already tired and bored with the
story of Toyin Aimakhu and her ‘numerous; boyfriends, another celebrity has come
out to defend her actions and as well scold her ex-boyfriend, who has been running
his mouth since their breakup.
The Cool FM On Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze shared his
thoughts on the broken relationship between Seun Egbegbe and actress Toyin
Aimakhu, which resulted in a lot of drama on social media. The radio big boy
praised Toyin for staying strong amidst the whole drama.

‘’From the interviews Seun has been granting concerning his
relationship with @aimakhutoyin, embarrassing snippets of which are being
released one after the other, to an audience with an insatiable appetite for
drama, I have deduced that he never loved her, rather, was infatuated with her
on-screen persona. If he truly loved her, he would have respected her ‘status’
as a public figure instead of exploiting it through cheap publicity.
I don’t think it’s fair for Seun to think he can have a
relationship with her on-screen alter ego, if he is not ready to love and
respect her as a ‘woman’ first!
Seun said all sorts of demeaning things about her. With
statements like “I gave her my Range and entered Taxis” to his
credit, you can catch a glimpse into his mindset. (By the way that car is not a
‘Range’ it’s an LR3 which is a ‘Land Rover’ and not a ‘Range Rover’). I thought
that statement was a bit off, but unknown to me, that would only become the
inception of a harrowing onslaught, directed at her person in front of a
cheering audience.
Why should Seun say “Toyin is not ready to live in any
man house” like he put it in his ‘Queen’s English’? The fact that he
failed at having a successful relationship with her doesn’t mean every single
man who tries would also fail. Until Sir Edmund Hillary climbed to the summit
of Mount Everest, it was considered impossible because every man before him
Seun, what you did to her would drown most women but not
Toyin, as she personifies the strength of a woman, under pressure she didn’t
crack! She ‘chested’ it like we used to say back in secondary school, when a
teacher flogged you and you pretended like it didn’t hurt! It didn’t remove the
agony from the situation, it just showed that the combined force of her inner
strength and high pain threshold, have done a ‘back to sender’, thereby
reversing the consequence of your action and the joke is now on you.
My advice is, do her an apology for what you have said and
move on, hopefully you guys can still be friends and gain from each other, one
way or another. And while you’re at it, please stop talking and granting interviews
because honestly………we have laughed enough!’’, he wrote.