I’m just a few years older than my husband – Uche Ogbodo sets record straight


Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is shutting down rumours about her age, insisting that while misconceptions don’t bother her much, they do create a false narrative about her marriage.

Ogbodo, who started young in the Nigerian film industry, expressed disbelief that some believe she’s in her 50s.

“Being a public figure comes with criticism, but the idea that I’m in my 50s is unbelievable! People think I’m the same age as Genevieve and Rita, whom I call auntie! It doesn’t sting too much, but it makes me seem much older than my husband. He’s in his 30s, and I’m in mine too, with just a few years between us,” she said. 

Ogbodo clarified her entry into Nollywood, stating, “I joined right after high school, at 19 in 2006. Do the math!” she said, frustrated by speculation.

The actress also addressed how her marriage to a younger man works. “I’m happy, living my best life,” she shared. “I have freedom and open communication with my partner.”

Ogbodo praised her marriage’s openness, contrasting it with traditional expectations that might suppress women. “It’s a free and fun marriage, the only kind I could ever be in,” she emphasized. “I can’t be in a marriage where I’m trapped and silenced. No way! In my marriage, I feel free, like a bird.”