I Have A Limit To The Roles I Play- Bryan Okwara Reveals


As a very handsome dude and former Mr. Nigeria, most people had thought that there are roles Nollywood actor, Bryan Okwara, won’t be caught playing in a movie.

But the script-interpreter who is popular for movies like “Shattered Romance,” “Weekend Getaway,” “I’ll Take my Chances,” among others, recently revealed some characters he won’t play in a movie, even as a professional.

“I don’t play characters that are too far away from me. For instance, if you wanted me to play Bryan of another tribe that can speak another language, and I had to learn another language, I would make a fool of myself. I wouldn’t play it,” he said.

Bryan Okwara (born Ikenna Bryan Okwara on 9 November 1985) is a Nigerian actor and pageant contestant who won the title of Mr. Nigeria in 2007.