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    Jealous boyfriend arrested for smashing ex-girlfriend’s sex toy..he tells why he did it (Photo)

    A jealous man appeared before a court for or breaking his ex-girlfriend’s sex toy in a fit of rage.Rich Moore, 33, a builder from south east London got the hump with the toy after his seven year relationship with the woman ended. In a fit of anger while collecting his belongings from her house, he smashed up the vibrator along with a £200 pair of her sunglasses.

    “I was fed up. I’ve gone to get my stuff and I came across the glasses and smashed them,” he told The Sun. “Then I found the dildo and I just ripped it up. It was one of those bullet ones. She loved the dildo more than me, that’s why I got the hump with it. I bought it, it cost me £30.”

    Moore’s ex, Sarah Mills, who he has a two-year-old daughter with, reported him to the police and he was charged with criminal damage. He admitted to the charges at Croydon Magistrates’ court.

    “It’s all so petty and a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s ridiculous if you think about it. I told the police I had broken the dildo and offered to pay for it to save us all going to court but they weren’t having it,” Moore said. “I wanted to go to court with a T-shirt saying ‘Save The Dildos’ but I decided it was probably best not to.”

    Moore was released on conditional bail until October 19th.

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