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    ‘Last Prophet Is My Everyday Crush’- Actress Joy Nwoke Gushes (+ Exclusive Wedding Photos)


    Several months after their engagement, budding actress, Joy
    Nwoke, has married her heartthrob, Comedian Last Prophet in a colourful wedding
    held in Calabar.
    The excited newly married script interpreter, shared with
    Goldenpearlmedia, their romantic love story……read on

    Last Prophet and Joy Nwoke who have been dating for some
    time, got engaged in 2015 at Transcorp Metropolitan Hotel Calabar.
    According Joy, who is now addressed as Mrs. Joy Friday Awade: “I met last prophet in 2008 then we were just passers-by. But it got a point, he
    would leave his department and always come to the Art Theatre where we have
    rehearsals to gist with us and make us laugh.
    Then one faithful day, I was in the Theatre he came and someone
    dared me to kiss him and I laughed because I hate been dared, that was how the
    friendship starting and the love struck became stronger.
    It wasn’t all rosy though, because we had a separation in
    2012.  It wasn’t an easy one for me
    though but thank God in November 28, 2014 he called and insisted I come visit
    him in Calabar you know as a woman, I had 2 do Shakara small that was how we
    started again and the love sparks continued. It was even better and stronger In
    December. Indeed it was love- love all the way.”

    Continuing, the smitten movie star shared a bit of how her
    lover pulled up a surprise birthday-turned- engagement party for her, since
    then she has remained the happiest women ever liveth.
    “In February I was asked to come celebrate my birthday in Calabar,
    I agreed. I came and a dinner was supposed to be hosted for me but I guess
    change of plans then it turned out to be an engagement. I must say in 1 way I
    saw that coming.  But in the other way I
    felt it was just a love that was sizzling hot  I was happy, short of words. Then, I knew I
    had moved up in life and prepared for the journey ahead.”

    On how she feels being a married woman, Joy expressed
    herself thus: “The fact that I am the wife of Friday Awade AKA Last prophet is
    one of my greatest achievements in life as a woman. He is a man with the brightest
    future, he is a thinker always on the move. His words of wisdom at times
    baffles me.
    I know being married to a comedian doesn’t mean it will be
    all smiles always, as he has this part of him that anytime he brings it out- oh
    Lord you don’t want to know (laughs) but still that doesn’t
    change a thing. We argue, fight, and quarrel but makeup for the better.
    He is a man of principle (all this prim and proper kind of
    men) getting married to him always elevated my status in life and amongst my
    peers. You know women wahala na.

    Last prophet that kind man that when he looks at me and say’s
    I am not just a man for you, I am a men meaning he is all in 1 of all the men
    put together, just for me- I feel like a queen.
    He is the love of my life, and the height ratio between us
    is what sparkles us the most cause our presence makes us been admired and that
    the swag of the whole thing.

    I call him my crush because his so handsome-every day, every
    minute. You know that saying that it’s in the morning, that you get to see the
    beauty of a woman, but in my case, it is the reverse.  And gives me strength and the zeal to carry
    on my daily activities.
    I’am married to the most Prince charming man I know God-fearing,
    loving, hardworking above all the best man of the century.”

    Their friends in the entertainment industry also came out in their
    numbers to support one of their own. The likes of Dan d humorous (Mc), Kobaba (his
    bestman), Mc Mbakara, Emarallo, Apst Paul, General Odey, Agba Enjoyment, Honourable
    Leg or Idagbo, Prof. Zana Akpagu (Vc Unical), Patrick Ugbe CEO (hit FM), and
    lots more.

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