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    Many married men want to sleep with me – Peju Johnson cries out

    In a candid interview, renowned actress and producer Peju Johnson shed light on her stance regarding women who make financial demands from men interested in dating them.

    Johnson, known for her forthrightness, expressed her mixed feelings on the matter. “I wouldn’t say it’s right to make financial demands from men,” she said. 

    However, she revealed a personal strategy to deter unwelcome suitors. “I like to chase men away by making financial demands,” she explained. “For instance, even after telling some men that I’m not interested in a relationship, they persist with daily messages, professing their love and care, despite most of it being insincere. Many, particularly married men, just want to sleep with me, which I find disturbing and exhausting. So, instead of blocking them, I use financial demands to drive them away. They disappear quickly after that.”

    Reflecting on her career, Peju Johnson discussed the most challenging role she has ever undertaken. “The toughest role was in a movie I produced called ‘Payback,’ where I played a tout,” she said. “I doubted my ability to portray the character convincingly, but with the director’s guidance, I managed to pull it off.”

    Peju Johnson also opened up about the significant sacrifices she has made for love. “Years ago, my then-boyfriend, whom I thought I would marry, asked me to quit acting because he was very jealous. He wanted me all to himself,” she recounted. “I actually stopped acting for his sake, but he ended up cheating on me and impregnating someone else. After we broke up, I returned to my acting career.”

    Johnson’s candid revelations offer a glimpse into the personal and professional challenges she has navigated, highlighting her resilience and commitment to her craft.

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