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    Men date me out of pity – Amputated actress Doris Akonanya

    Amputee Nollywood sensation and dancer, Doris Samuel Akonanya, disclosed that many men get involved with her out of sympathy rather than genuine interest.

     In a recent interview with Yan Kontent Factory. The actress opened up about her challenging experiences in the film industry and her personal relationships.

    According to Akonanya, 

    Her past relationships all concluded poorly as her partners left her, making her feel like they were only with her out of a sense of charity. She expressed her frustration, mentioning that she’s treated differently due to her condition, but she’s not fond of the pity-driven treatment. 

    Despite her unique situation, she emphasized her capability to perform every task just like any able-bodied adult.

    Discussing her income sources, the actress disclosed that besides acting, she earns extra income by producing photos and videos of herself in revealing outfits for a group of white men known as “Devotees.”

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