Nothing Wrong In Showing My Sagged B00bs- Popular Actress Tells Critics

Well, it’s her body, so let her flaunt what she’s got
just the way she likes, abi? Lol.
After suffering massive backlash for baring her breasts
in an upcoming movie, upcoming Nollywood actress, Peace Maria Francis, has come
out to defend herself. In an interview with Nollywood Insider, she said: ‘Show
me love and appreciation, and not condemnation. …see more photo

This is about my
profession. It is all because I wanted to use it to tell the real story of what
happened back then in our country, Nigeria. It is also in a bid to tell our
younger ones how we started back then, and the only way to do that is to
express it in a professional manner. . . I am a Christian, for crying out loud.
I fear God and worship him as best as I can. But would that stop me from doing
my job? I think that shouldn’t. Some ask how much I was paid to expose my body
like that. Others want to know ask why I did it. . . They say I am desperate
and a paid prostitute. All I want them to know is that I am just a good actor,
who takes her job with the seriousness it deserves. I only played the character
given to me and interpret the role well. I’m not here for fame or