OAP Gbemi Admits She’s Ashamed Of Wishing Her Mum Happy Birthday On Social Media

Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi, Nigerian broadcaster and presenter
known for presenting programmes on Cool FM and The Beat 99.9 FM has revealed
how cyberbullies prevented her from wishing her mum a happy birthday on social
She explained that, she was scared, they might rain abuses
on her mother, and thus she couldn’t summon the courage to celebrate her mum’s birthday.

“All these people who say that people in the public eye must
learn to deal with everything thrown at them with grace. Easier said than done.
You are in the public eyes, so deal with it’ sometimes you will snap! Because you’ve
been dealing with it every day. Human.
You open your social media and strangers are slinging
insults at you every day. One day you will snap.
My mom’s birthday was on Monday, I didn’t put up her
picture. I saw someone insult a colleague’s mom. Her crime? She put her mons picture
Deal with it, abi? Every time, deal with it. All fun and
games until someone snaps.

We live in a world where you can’t put your mother’s picture
on your own Instagram without some lowlife insulting her, abeg! Public figure
abi?”, she bared her mind.