Rita Edochie and fans argue over her ‘black lips’ makeup, she empties her photo album to defend her unique style


Few hours ago, veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie who talked about how she got impregnated in primary 6 (read story HERE), posted a video to say ‘Happy Sunday’ to her fans on Instagram. But her choice of makeup didn’t really go down well with some of her followers.
This triggered arguments and to shut them up, Rita shared almost all the photos she has ever taken to convince them that black lips and black eye-pencil have been her signature style from day one. See some of the pictures she shared below.

‘Hope d PEOPLE fighting over my MAKE ARE still THERE. I do my MAKEUP EVERY DAY MY SELF not TATOOOOO yet it remaineth SAME 4 OVER FOURTY something YEARS n i can NEVER STOP bcos i know its nice on ME, she captioned one of the photos