Shocker! Photos Of Lilian Esoro Triplet Sisters Surface

At the first look at the photo mix of top Nollywood
actresses, Lilian Esoro, Yvonne Okoro and Esther Audu one would easily mistake
them for a set of identical triplets.
Interestingly, the three actresses had no inkling they look
so much like each other until one of their fans spotted it out and brought it
to their notice….see more photos

Lilian Esoro, now married to TripleMG boss, Ubi Franklin is
famous for her role in popular TV Sitcom, Clinic Matters, 
while Yvonne Okoro is
a well-known actress cum producer with a Ghanaian blood running through her veins.

Esther Audu is an upcoming starlet who has within a short
time won the hearts of so many producers in Nigeria.