Friday, December 8, 2023

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    So sad! How ‎UNIZIK Students who are brothers fought over girlfriend, one of them died

    It was never his intentions but the would live to regret the crime he committed subconsciously.
    It started a mimi fight but ended up blood.

    Pope is the older Sibling and according to insiders the two brothers are students of UNIZIK

     Pope and his brother stay together in the lodge and the pope guy is dating a girl whose name is Uju,but the insiders say the late younger brother disliked the girl and told her not to come to the House when he is around…but the elder brother Pope quarrelled with him and warned him seriously about it.

    This morning Tuesday June 7,2016,Uju (not her real name) arrived at the lodge to visit Pope but both brothers were around and the younger brother got upset and wanted to beat up Pope’s girlfriend but Pope stood up and challenged the younger brother not to talk to his babe like that…from there it escalated to serious verbal altercation and the next thing was that the younger brother took a knife but Pope overpowered him,took the knife from him and stabbed him …

    That was the end of the young man!

    The lodge was immediately sealed off and the Chief security officer of UNIZIK arrived with Mopol and Pope and his girlfriend were arrested…

    No one was allowed to snap photos…

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