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    The Chronic Masturbators: The Case of Miss Chidinma & The Cucumber (My Encounter)

    Before the main story i want to share, we all should know this: The immense pleasure derived from frequent masturbation can be extremely addictive. However, this addiction can become an obsessive activity that interferes with daily living.

    There are so many enjoyable activities that you will miss out on if you don’t overcome chronic masturbation. Furthermore, it may result in loss of sex drive, depression, or even impotence.
    Aside the case of Chidinma who is now synonymous with The Cucumber.

    I have received a lot of emails and text messages from my ardent readers and fans complaining bitterly about their addiction to masturbation.
    Well, maybe Chidinma’s case is not clearly masturbation, but believe me, if she’s alone in the room with The Cucumber, that would always be the case.

    Painfully one of them is actually a married man with kids but whenever his wife is not around or breast feeding or during the trimester period of her pregnancy, he always finds himself indulging in such act.
    It takes him over an hour to bathe. He spends all his time in the bathroom ‘wanking’ his manhood until he ‘comes ‘multiple times.
    If his wife becomes suspicious and time conscious, he would claim he is suffering from constipation and find it difficult to defecate. Until he was caught, he never saw it as a sin. Now he wants help.
    Another instance is a young boy in his early twenties. Before he goes to bed, he would have two or more rounds of ‘self help’. If he doesn’t, he won’t sleep well.
    It became so bad that he leaves the classroom even when serious lectures or test is on to go to any hidden place to have a feel of himself.
    The last encounter I had made me go for researches on the best ways to stop this evil act gradually eating deep into the lives of our young man and women ( Yes! Women too masturbate but that would be a big story for another day).
    Last week Wednesday, I left my office quite late due to so much work on my desk. When I got to my final bus-stop, there were no more bikes to take me home. So I boarded Keke because that was the only alternative.
    I sat at the back while two guys sat beside me while I was in the middle. The ride had only gone few poles, when the guy sitting by my left gently inserted his right hand into trousers and was seriously ‘wanking’.
    He would do it for some minutes, then smell his fingers and continue. It was very repulsive that I could not contain the anger in me. But I just had to endure. Make I for no koba am sha.
    But it got worse when he became so carried away with the sweetness of his foolishness that he brought the whole thing out.
    It was so thick and black, yet ugly (Eyaaaaak). He was seriously masturbating, apparently so drunk that he thought he was in his bed room.
    No longer able to condone the sight, plus the annoyance of his left hand already smooching my thighs, I scolded him and told the driver to please stop.
    The sound of my angry voice awakened him from his lost. He shamefully stepped out of the ride, backed the Keke and paid his fares without looking backwards for fear of anyone recognizing his face.
    He didn’t even get to his destination; he dropped half way because we saw him trekking again after the Keke had gone far from him.

    Well, to prevent these potentially severe side effects, follow these most effective ways to end chronic masturbation.

    Rubber band– Place a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you get the urge to masturbate, flick the rubber band. This will eventually condition you to associate masturbation with the pain, thereby deterring you from the act. The mere thought of masturbation may even cease to cross your mind.
    Distraction-When you get the urge to masturbate, quickly engage in an alternative activity. Whether you pick up a book or go to the movies with friends, participate in anything that will successfully distract you from your masturbatory desires.
    Therapy-Do not hesitate to admit that you need professional help. Therapists offer beneficial coping mechanisms to help overcome chronic masturbation. Beyond recommending daily tools to break the habit, they also provide a supportive environment for open communication.
    Help from loved ones– If you have a romantic partner, be open with them about your condition. This should remove any feelings of guilt or shame associated with chronic masturbation, as you will no longer have to hide a “dirty little secret” from your loved one.
    Replace that pleasure with a different one-Find other pleasurable activities that bring you joy. Find an enjoyable hobby that requires your full attention. For example, if you enjoy art take a painting class.
    Jogging and other forms of exercise are a great way to take masturbation off your mind. Jogging will require your complete attention – from listening to your heartbeat to inhaling each new breath of fresh air. Masturbation will have no place on the forefront of your mind. So the more you engage in exercise, the less time you will have to think about masturbating. Eventually, you may be able to overcome your addiction.
    Yoga is an extremely relaxing activity. It requires you to concentrate solely on breathing and posture. This newfound focus should prevent obsessive thoughts about masturbation.
    Evaluate your life-Analyze your life. Determine what makes you happy and what does not. You may find that something stressful in your life is causing this chronic masturbation. Elucidating the underlying stress or will enable you to resolve it, ultimately allowing you to overcome the addiction.
    A new friend– If your chronic masturbation is due to intimacy issues, consider purchasing a pet as a therapeutic measure. They will accept you for who you are without judgment. 
    They will provide you the companionship you may need to stop masturbating.

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