7 Things You Should Never Let Into Your V*gina


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Hey ladies, do you know that your v*gina is a very special part of your body and should be treated as such. You should care for it and avoid doing things that will hurt it.

So, to make sure this precious area is safe and cared for, you should never put these dangerous things in your v*gina:

1. V*ginal washes
Many women feel they need this to ‘clean’ the vagina, but douching can actually harm you as it has been shown to cause infections. Just clean your vulva with soap and water and avoid getting soap inside the vagina itself.

2. Chocolate
While melted chocolate can be a fun way to heat things up during $ex, try not to get it inside your vagina. The sugar can change the bacteria and yeast proportions in your vagina and cause an infection. It can also lead to irritation and itching.

3. Vaseline
Invest in an actual lubricant if needed during $ex and don’t just rely on Vaseline or other body lotions.

4. Dirty $ex toys
Don’t put something in your v*gina that has just come out of your anus without cleaning it first. If you want to switch, make sure you wash it. Otherwise, you can transfer your rectal bacteria to your vagina and this isn’t good.

5. Fruits and veggies
This sounds crazy but there are people who think cucumbers, carrots, and even bananas can be used if they don’t have a dildo. But because these things contain pesticides, it’s dangerous to put them in your vagina.

6. A hairbrush handle
Another thing that some think can be used in place of a sex toy. But imagine what will happen if it gets stuck.

7. An electric toothbrush
If this vibration is your thing, stick with using it on your clitoris rather than the inside of the vagina. But then, save yourself the risk by getting a vibrator.


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