90% of Nigerian songs lack substance – Burna Boy

Burnaboy speaks after being slammed for keeping fans waiting for hours at his Lagos concert

Nigerian music exporter, Burna Boy, has declared that lots of Nigerian songs is so empty, especially the widely spread Afrobeats.

In a recent interview with Apple Music ahead of the release of his seventh album ‘I Told Them’, Burna Boy described Nigerian mainstream music generally called Afrobeats as a music that lacks substance.

In a conversation with Apple Music Zane Lowe, Burna Boy said that Afrobeats offers no substance and it’s simply about giving a good time and that’s not all that music should be about.

“Afrobeats as you people call it is mostly about nothing. There’s no substance to it and nobody is talking about anything. It’s just about having a great time,’ Burna Boy says.

According to the Grammy winner, music should not only be about a good time because life is not always a good time.

“At the end of the day, life is not an amazing time. No matter how nice of a time you have now, or you had at some point, or you plan to have, you’re still going to face life. For me, I feel like music should be the essence of an artist and an artist is a person who has good days, bad days, great days, and worst days.”
Burna Boy maintains that he uses his music to share his essence and his album is a window through which listeners can see some of that essence.

Burna Boy is set to release his seventh album ‘I Told Them’ on August 25, 2023, and in the interview Burna Boy describes the album as another glimpse into his mindset.