Actress Nkechi Blessing knocks for sharing s3x-toys as souvenirs at mother’s remembrance


Actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has been heavily knocked on social media for sharing s3x toy as souvenirs at her mother’s remembrance party held on Sunday.

Video of the actress announcing the gifts and thereafter distributing to ladies has gone viral on social media and garnered backlash.

Tweets read below:

Warepanor Sammy said, “Nkechi Blessing has no respect for the dead, she is insensitive, has no honour for her mother and has no value for life.”

The Only AyoIfe slammed the actress for announcing the gift in the presence of a minor, tweeting, “If no be say that Nkechi Blessing is a sick…, how can you display dildos like that and share as souvenirs in a party where kids are present?”

Tunrayo went spiritual as he said, “Masturbating is a huge sin and I feel most sins have now become normalised; this wouldn’t normalise it in the eyes of God. Nkechi Blessing has displayed the highest level of stupidity a woman of her age can ever do. Makes me wonder if she told anyone about this before doing it.”

Pelumi Mohdupe also came down hard on the actress for desecrating the memory of her late mother. She said, “Nkechi blessing shares dildo as souvenir at her mom’s 1year remembrance, chase your clout but respect your mum and to think kids are present at the party.”

Sir David Onyemaizu tweeted, “This Nkechi Blessing is just another nuisance in the Nollywood movie industry. Imagine sharing dildos in an event where minors are present. Goes to show you that being a celebrity is not equal to common sense. There are certain things that common sense just tells you.”

Another tweep, Bella Okagbue said, “To think Nkechi Blessing ‘mourned’ her mum to the point of fainting during the burial last year, one year later she wants others to ‘moan’ with dildos. Women influencing women I see.”