Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    “Alot of glamour you see on social media has darkness behind it” – Woli Arole

    Spiritual content creator, Woli Arole has called for spiritual awaken following a confession of a man who buys human head for 20k.

    According to him, alots is happening in the dark world. Spiritual alertness is the way out of this evil plot.

    He also warns his fans and those who cares to listen to be careful who they admire, that heart of humans is evil.

    Read post below:

    Can you hear what this man is saying “he’s buying human head for 20k”. In September we did a program titled “The Spiritual Evil Market”. A place where glory and virtues are being sold. You see why i shout to you almost all the time “Let’s Pray”, “Let’s get close to GOD”. Human heart is evil, without discernment in this evil world one would fall victim of evil. Your close friend can be your enemy, your colleague at work can be hating you. We are in serious times. Let’s all be spiritually alert. Please!!!!. I know what I saw when God told me to change almost all my contents to spiritual contents mostly prayers, alot is happening in the dark oooo!!. A lot of boys are into money rituals, alot of glamour you see on social media has darkness behind it. Be careful who you admire, be full of discernment. I pray for you, you and your family shall not be victims in Jesus name…. Share this video, show your friends, view this learn. Learn from it

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