Monday, December 11, 2023

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    An eyewitness narrate what happened 30mins after he took picture with MohBad at the hospital

    Shocking budding revelation has emerged after an eyewitness present at the hospital when the late Mohbad was brought in. The eyewitness’s account gives a new angle on the tragic events that unfolded on that fateful day.

    According to this eyewitness, who sent a voice note to convey his testimony, Mohbad had been very much alive when he arrived at the hospital.

    This eyewitness claimed to have been in the reception area when Mohbad, accompanied by his friends, entered the medical facility. Despite Mohbad being down and ill, he had been humble when approached by the witness, who eagerly requested a photograph with the artist. The eye whiteness recounts that Mohbad had posed for the picture before disappearing into a hospital room.

    30 minutes later, the eyewitness noticed a sudden rush of activity among the nurses and others in the room where Mohbad had been admitted. The witness recounted that the nurses informed him that Mohbad had been confirmed dead. What struck the witness as peculiar was that Mohbad’s friends had immediately taken his “lifeless” body out of the hospital, and he was completely shirtless.

    This eyewitness raised a deep question: why did Mohbad’s friends not leave him in the hospital for a longer period, allowing the medical staff to try and save him at least? The way they rushed to leave the hospital left many confused and searching for answers.

    This account is based on the perspective of a single eyewitness, and its accuracy cannot be verified. The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death remain dipped in mystery.

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    Let’s recall that Kemi Filani had recently reported that Skit maker Femi Baab recently made headlines when he suggested that everyone close to Mohbad should be scrutinized as potential suspects. He shared a personal experience involving Mohbad in a dream, in which the artist appeared distressed and attempted to pass on an important information to him.

    As the investigation into Mohbad’s tragic death unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that the quest for answers is far from over.

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