British doctor, Julie Jones to help Madhya Pradesh born with an uncanny physical disability

Madhya Pradesh was born with an uncanny physical disability, something that turned his neck upside down.
He along with his parents struggled even for daily chores like bathing or eating. They contacted over 50 doctors across the nation but nothing substantial happened.
Looking at this unique disorder and their misery, Julie Jones, from Liverpool, amassed £12,000 through crowd funding. She herself is a NHS surgeon.
After the funds were received, Dr Rajagopalan Krishan conducted a 10-hour-long surgery in Apollo Hospital.
Mahendra is now learning how to read and write. As of now, his neck is braced but he should be good to go sans them within 6 months.
“I had no hope of getting better in life but now I’m ok my dreams have risen up. I want to be successful in life now.” said Mahendra. .

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