Chris Attoh’s marital web and  hidden agendas


He’s 39, his former wife, actress Damilola Adegbite is 33 and he remarried a 44-year-old lady, Bettie Jennifer, who was also married to a jailed drug lord.

Chris Attoh’s wife was murdered last week in the US on her way from work.

What led to the fast-fast marriage after his divorce from Damilola?

What led Chris to the late Bettie Jennifer who was five years older than him?

No qualms about age difference but why is Chris in this marital brouhaha?

Greed? Or he wanted to be an American citizen by marriage?
Not the first to marry a woman for such purposes. But the sudden removal of his late wife’s photos from his social media platforms can’t be swept under the rug.

Though there were rumors that the union was shaky, he also tweeted 30 minutes after his wife’s death on his troubled marriage
Maybe he knew what we nor the Police never knew. Maybe

We pray he gets his bearing well in his third shot at marriage, if he is not roped into Bestie’s murder.

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