COVID-19: S3x workers in North Germany allowed to return to work


Prostitutes were hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with a ban blocking them from doing their job for six months. Many German states are letting them work again, a decision that’s long overdue, say many.

“Politicians treated us shabbily during the coronavirus times. They deliberately overlooked us. Nobody cares what’s going on with us prostitutes! But we are at least as ‘system-relevant’ as hairdressers,” she tells DW.

The Higher Administrative Court in the city of Münster overturned a ban on sexual services only this week in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia. In several other German states, prostitutes are also allowed to work again.

“Many didn’t know how they were going to fill their fridge the next day. They had no savings and had to borrow money, says Müller.

The women from eastern Europe were especially desperate. “In some cases, they had to pay taxes here, but had no access even to basic social services because they’re foreigners.”

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