Don’t allow your husband alone to pay school fees – Pastor Funke Adejumo tell women


Well-sought-after conference and seminar speaker, Funke Adejumo has advised women to stand up and take their place and stop giving the whole responsibility of the house on the man.

She made the assertion during a Sunday sermon on the augmentative role women should play in their marriages.

Funke criticised women who she said often sit back, “pump babies”, and leave their man to pay bills.

“You cannot afford to be a nonentity, looking unto your husband before you buy bra. These are the things that remove dignity from a woman. The man helped you to bury your grandmother’s father’s son.

“He helped to do a wedding for your cousin’s father’s friend’s brother. Everything, one day he’s going to be tired. Do not allow your husband alone to pay the school fees. Contribute no matter how small.

“Do something with your life as a woman. You were created to add value. I add value to my marriage. My husband looked at me and said, ‘I want to be married to you eternally’. Stop being a beggarly wife.

“Don’t be a drag or liability. If your husband’s life doesn’t appreciate after marriage, you’re a witch. Some of you are just sitting down, pumping out children, and doing nothing. No man wants a liability in his life.

“The number of children you have is the number of properties you should have so they won’t curse your memory.

“We’re binding the devil but there are things we need to tell ourselves as women. Stand up and take your place!”, she said.

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