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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

‘Dragging a man’s role doesn’t really make you a feminist’ – Nancy Isime

Reality TV-star and model, Nancy Isime has reveals that most people misinterpret what feminism truly means.

In a recent chat with Koko Magazine she said:”People are misinterpreting what feminism really stands for, in the sense that it is just women empowerment, as a woman you are powerful, you can do anything it doesn’t necessarily mean you drag a man’s role, I mean, I feel as women we are even more powerful if we understand our womanhood, and what we are capable of and how powerful it is to be a queen.

You know, the more you realise, the more you understand that a feminist is just someone who wants not just equal rights, but someone who understand who she is and she wants to live her life, she wants to be known as a woman, as a strong woman for everything she stands for.

Isime also added that she hasn’t been a victim of sexual harassment.

“I haven’t really had any. Every set comes with its own little worst experience, I have come to realise. But, it all adds up and thats the reason why we are here today, so I can’t really say this is the worst, bad experiences are part of life”.

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