Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner recounts battle with depression


Star actress, Sophie Turner has been on Game of Thrones since 2011. Sadly starting out as a young actress at the age of 23 affected her mental health.
Speaking in a chat with Dr. Phil, Turner described how, around age 17, feelings of depression “all of a sudden just kind of hit me,” as her friends went off to university and she felt isolated by working on TV and living alone.

“It started to go downhill when I started to hit puberty and was gaining weight and there was the social media scrutiny and everything,” she said.
“People used to write ‘Sansa gained ten pounds’ or ‘Sansa needs to lose ten pounds,” Turner said, adding that she had trouble performing in character because she was so focused on the criticism.
“I would say I am spotty, I am fat, I am a bad actress, and I believed it.” Turner added that, at the time, she had no motivation to go out with anyone, even her friends, but that she did confide in her co-star Maisie Williams, who could understand her experience.

Turner also acknowledged the contribution of her fiancé, Joe Jonas, who was in the room during her Dr. Phil interview
She said: “I won’t be judged by him; he’s seen the worst”.

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