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    God Is Not A Christian – Dr Abel Damina Reveals

    Pastor Damina, the founder of power City International world wide has revealed that God is not a Christian.

    The servant of God said this during the 1st service on Sunday July 7th.

    According to the him, Christianity is not a condition for making heaven. And the name christian was given by Unbelievers in Antioch.

    He said, ” many of you think God is a Christian. God is not a Christian.
    When you finish laughing, I repeat God is not a Christian.

    You know many of you think, if you are not a Christian, you won’t go to heaven. Lie”.

    “When did Christianity start? Many people went to heaven before Christianity started. Christianity started in Antioch in the book of Acts. So God is not a Christian.

    “That should humble you a bit and that should start adjusting your theology. Christianity started in Acts, in Antioch and it is Unbelievers that gave the name. Unbelievers gave you a name that you are carrying as a condition for going to heaven. It is Unbelievers”.

    Unbelievers who watched the people that were adherent of brother Paul’s teaching after teaching for some time and they saw the transformation that happened to these people. That means before then, they didn’t have name as Christians”.

    “They were called believers, they were called almajiri (disciples). They were Paul’s almajiri’s, they were disciples of Paul. Then the people said instead of just calling them disciples. The transformation we see in them they look like Christ. Let’s call them Christians. But before then many people have gone to heaven including the thief on the cross”.

    So you don’t have to be a Christian to make heaven. Abraham was not a Christian, Isaac and Jacob were not Christians. Moses was not a Christian, Abel was not a Christian, Isaiah was not a Christian, David was not a Christian”

    All the patriarch was was not a Christian. Even Jesus was not a Christian”.

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