He is 28, she is 24, and they married as virgins!- Read their romance story and why they waited for ‘it’ (photos)


In these days when it’s unfashionable for people to wait for sex until marriage, Akinade and Olufunto kept their virginity until the big day (or night).

The couple, who are born again Christians chose to stick to their religious principles about purity and abstinence, met in 2012 during a seminar and did not hurry into a relationship.

They said they prayed and waited on the Lord for 7 months before they began dating. 7 months may be a long time to pray over a relationship, but they wanted to seek God’s face before entering into what was potentially going to lead to marriage. Part of the reasons why marriages are failing so much these days is because the couple did not consult God before marrying. They got carried by the glitz, glamour and IDEA of marriage

Both of them have strong personalities, so they took their time to get used to one another and to tune up. They worked hard to make the relationship work for them.

Finally when Akin proposed, she gladly accepted, and the rest, they say, is history…