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How Baba Suwe was tortured, dehumanised, castigated, accused of a crime without evidence – Yomi Fabiyi reveals

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has narrated how veteran actor Babatunde Omidina better known as Baba Suwe, was tortured and abandoned by the system he belong to.

Mr Yomi, in a lengthy Instagram post talked about the pains the veteran passed through before he finally lost the fight to the cold hands of death.

His post read:

I felt all your pains Baba Suwe. You were tortured, dehumanised, castigated, accused of a serious crime without evidence but acquitted, robbed off your health, robbed of your career, shed tears alone, abandoned by the system you entertained with your everything, they find excuses for the humiliation, banters, allegations. They shattered you. All they have is a scan showing pallets where is never the stomach under human anatomy. In my country Nigeria, accusations with emotions, grammar with no evidence and investigation means “GUILTY”. Injustice!

We discussed your pain every now and then. And at the end, the society engages in conspiracy of silence still. Are you, your children or parent safe from such wickedness and injustice? We pray, build religious homes so the society gets better, Counter- Productive!

Prayers only don’t make a country better, how we value lives, care for one another and protect the rights of the next person cleanses, heal and grow the land. PRAY LESS AND ASK FOR YOUR RIGHT.

Unfortunately the society we live in is cruel. They celebrate, indulge hypocrisy and shame. People that have voice either threaten the lives of right advocates or try to use their grace to cause disgrace to those asking for rights to be protected. A huge curse and jeopardy. That is what your child do and promote, o ma se.

You blame a bandit for kidnapping but find excuse for a police officer or thugs for brutalising or maiming for whatever intent and purposes. Which of the two is right under the law?

The least of our problems are the leaders, the people(majority of the masses) and how we are raised is. Inadequate value for human life, dignity and respect for the rights of others under the law is why we are at this horrible stage.

As for me, it is always an honour sacrificing (especially at the moment) for protection of human rights of fellow human. Though this sacrifice may rob me the opportunity of PAYING BABA SUWE “LAST RESPECT” but no regrets. I am happy I explained to you and simply understood. I will return shortly and I will pay my personal respect and be rest assured, I will never forget you pressy.

Journey well legend, icon. RIP Baba Suwe.

Yomi Fabiyi

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