How I caught Iceberg Slim cheating – Actress Juliet Ibrahim speaks


Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has made a shocking revelation on how she caught Iceberg Slim cheating on her with a girlfriend of 4 years he claimed he broke up with.

In a tell-all interview with Delay, the Ghanaian actress revealed that she had doubts about the Nigerian rapper which was why she took their relationship to public space.

Her doubts however got confirmed after her sister showed her a chat from a lady Iceberg Slim claimed he broke up with.

According to her, the lady insisted they were in a relationship, and that led to their breakup. She further revealed that the Nigerian rapper was devastated after she broke up with him, because he never saw it coming.

“I broke it off he didn’t expect it, he didn’t see it come when it happened, he was really devastated” she said.

Juliet Ibrahim further revealed that she got a full “LOVE” tattoo to cover up the matching tattoo they got while dating.

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