Amid drama surrounding the breakup of the marriage between Nollywood actress Stella Damasus and her hubby Daniel Ademinokan.

Recall that Pearlsnews reported that the couple have some unresolved differences which has led Daniel to moving out of their US home with his son Daniel earlier in the year.

As found on SDK:

According to SDK Sources ”Daniel unknown to anyone hired a private Investigator when he discovered some weird activities going on with his beloved wife..The contract with private investigator was about three years ago and this person did some technical forensic digging over a period of time and the outcome is damaging.”

The sources say that the outcome was so damaging that Daniel began to plot his exit from the marriage whilst they did some lovey dovey online as requested by Stella who always wanted that they both make posts to ”pepper them”

I asked SDK sources ”What kind of damaging info was unearthed and why did it take him so long to take to his heels?”

The Response was ”Daniel is only talking to a few people and some of these people are leaks and that is why this story is getting to you,the info is very damaging and there are other people involved in this…All will be revealed soon but you can take this info the the bank…..That Daniel bugged all what could be bugged to get al what he needed and then he decided he could not be in that kind of marriage and told a few close friends who told him to stay and work it out or run,he confronted her with info but she denied it,her stiff denials led him to take friends advice and he took to his heels,Stella story plenty and i will quickly get the next and final one because if this story brokes everyone will become a suspect and there will be no more sources….”

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I asked my source ” But why will Daniel use a private investigator,what is he looking for?”

The response ”A friend of ours sold the idea to him and he bought it…he was introduced and when the work started he was shocked,developed cold feet and called it off but he called the guy again after some years to start again and when he called the friend who introduced him to say what was going on,that was when he was advised to fix it or run…let me also add that Daniel and Stella do not have any friends in America because Stella has fought with everyone you can think of..”

The insider also informed me that their Church members and co are trying to intervene and asking Daniel to return home to Dallas with his son David but his reaction is not known as at press time….

This is a developing gist but if both parties want to reach out to me or another media platform,they are free to do so but sending me stinker mails and planning to set me up that my stories are part of a blackmail plot on my side will not work….Please this story is not done Maliciously as is being insinuated by some.

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