I can marry the man I love, no matter the size of his M@nh00d – Popular Nollywood actress


Beautiful Nollywood actress and producer, Sylvia Edem’s style of acting and interpretation of character has made her top favourite and well sought after.


Speaking on relationships and marriages, Ms Edem warned her married colleagues to desist from involving third parties in their relationship and marriages.
Hear her: “This is for all the married couple out there; always sort out difference between yourselves without a third-party because third parties in marriages and friendship destroys homes. For me, I can only marry a man I love, not because of his wealth or his size of m@nh00d. Because after 5 years in marriage and those things are no longer there, it’s means I won’t be there for my husband, but if it was for love I will stick to him through all circumstances,” she told Pearls News.

Sylvia Edem
Sylvia Edem

Expressing her view of the Covid-19 pandemic which has gradually taken over the world, the talented movie star also advised her colleagues in the entertainment industry to devise other means of putting food on their respective tables.

‘’The advice I have for entertainers is to stay safe, because without life there’s no entertainment. There’s a saying that says prevention is better than cure. To add to it, I will also advice our entertainers to look for other means of businesses rather than depending solely on entertainment, in case what is going on in the country arises again,” she noted.

Sylvia always cleared stated that her life on the screen is totally different from true personality, “Because on screen you tend to live in someone else’s character which is what makes it make believe,” she said.
Sylvia Edem has series of project piling up to be unfolded soon.
She is also into several businesses with affiliation in hotels and homes decor as well as catering.

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