I can only marry a man like my father – Kenechukwu Ezeh

Managing her acting career with her first love; barbing, hasn’t been an easy one for this beautiful Imo state born actress, Ezeh Kenechukwu Stephanie.
The Cooperatives and Rural Development graduate shares with Pearlsnews.com, the challenges that come with being  a model, actress and a female barber.
I can only marry a man like my father - Kenechukwu Ezeh
“I didn’t’ plan out to be a barber, but my mum wants all her children to learn a skill and she opted haircutting for my elder sis and I.
We were not interested at first, but she convinced us. Then, she linked us up to with her stylist. So, we agreed and started. Since then it has been a smooth journey and I’m so grateful to her.
However, since I joined the movie industry, it has not been easy managing both career. They are totally different from each other,” she noted.
I can only marry a man like my father - Kenechukwu Ezeh
Ms Ezeh is pretty, endowed and ready for marriage, but yet to find the right guy after some heartbreaks.
Spilling what he had learned from her previous relationships and what she is expecting from her ‘husband material’, the Barber Girl star actress said: “I have learned that one should be with a supportive partner. Good communication is also essential and of course, there is need be with someone who lavishes you with love and light and vice visa. Relationship comes with a lot. But I’m not scared of marriage, although I know there are lots of celebrity marriages crashing. I don’t share same fate with others.”
She continued: “That’s why I miss dad. I miss everything about him. I love the way he loved my mum. I miss  his presence as a father to me and my family
To the way he pampered me especially. I miss the love he and my mum shared. I just know he was so nice before be passed on in 2001. I would love to marry someone like my father.”
Asked if he would love to change anything about herself, Kenechukwu asserted that she wouldn’t want to tamper with any part of her body, “I love myself just the way I am.”
“My entire body is so precious. I won’t change anything.”

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