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    I don’t miss anything about Nigeria – Victoria Inyama

    Victoria Inyama is a Nigerian actress who is well loved for her different roles in the Nollywood. 

    Although she’s now based in the United Kingdom where she also work as a physiologist.

    In a recent interview, she said looking back, she doesn’t miss anything about Nigeria because she’s having the best of her life in the UK.

    She said: “I don’t miss anything. I don’t think I can cope in Nigeria because of the things I see, the lifestyle. I asked an average person, how much do you spend daily and how much do you earn? What’s your income and what’s your output? You’ll buy gen, buy an expensive car, and have a houseboy/housegirl, and gateman. How are you making that money? Here, we are very different. Before you spend 10 pounds, you must make sure you have at least 50 pounds. You have to be prudent, because who can you beg for money? Except you go and ask for a loan. It’s easier to ask for a loan than to go and ask somebody for money. Here, you take a loan; you can collect and go to school, unlike in Nigeria where you have to pay your school fees yourself. If you have the amenities of the loan, you use it. You can also go back to work. It depends. I am just someone that loves to educate myself. I love to learn. I love to make a difference positively and I don’t want to make a difference based on experience. I want to make a difference as per I have learnt this thing, it has been tried and tested, let me use it to also help others. I believe that every experience you pass through in life is for a reason. Don’t waste it; you could also be using it to better somebody else. One of my colleagues wore a beautiful dress for an award night. She said it was worth one-point-something million. I said, just the dress? So, if you have three awards to attend in a month, you buy all these dresses for millions, do your make up, your car, so, on a good day you will spend five million to attend the awards? I don’t think I can even cope with such a lifestyle. I am not missing anything about Nigeria.”

    Asked if marriage that brought her to the UK where she’s now permanently based, Victoria Inyama recalled, “My father and my step-brother used to live here. I came to visit him when he was alive. Both of them have passed away now. I met my ex-husband here. I got married and started having kids.

    I have been very vocal on domestic violence. I talk about it all the time. It was very much in my marriage, that was why I backed out of the relationship and got a divorce. I have three children. Two boys and a girl. My marriage almost destroyed my life.”

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