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    I just wanted to be famous –  Bam Bam opens up on her Big Brother Naija experience

    Reality TV sensation and actress Bamike Adenibuyan, popularly known as Bam Bam, recently revealed the genuine reason behind her decision to participate in the Big Brother Naija reality show back in 2018.

    During a guest appearance on the With Chude podcast hosted by media personality Chude Jideonwo, Bam Bam shared her experience of being thrust into the limelight after the show, despite having a background in smaller film projects.

    “The culture shock was massive; I was completely unprepared. I never anticipated it, and I was taken aback, wondering ‘Is this real?’ The fame? I didn’t seek it; I just craved visibility and appreciation for my work,” she expressed candidly.

    Having auditioned for the reality series twice, first in 2017 in Abuja and then in 2018, Bam Bam highlighted the drastic change in her life after gaining fame, admitting to feeling constantly overwhelmed.

    She explained further, 

    “I’ve always been in acting but not as the main character. I’ve done commercials and pursued my passions. All I wanted was recognition and fair compensation for my efforts. So, the whole package that came with it surprised me; I was truly taken aback. I simply took each day as it came, navigating through everything.”

    Despite her intentions to seek recognition for her craft, fate had a pleasant surprise in store for her. Bam Bam not only garnered recognition but also found love during her time on the show. The man she met is now her husband and the father of her two adorable daughters, marking an all-encompassing success.

    She emphasized that ‘fame’ was the furthest thing from her mind at that time. However, adjusting to the newfound fame post-Big Brother Naija proved to be a gradual process for Bam Bam.

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