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    I sold some of my properties to produce Jagun Jagun – Femi Adebayo reveals

    Actor and moviemaker, Femi Adebayo, in a recent interview shares some challenges he encountered while shooting his bluckbuster movie, Jagun Jagun.

    Adebayo, in his address to journalists according to a video he shared on Instagram, disclosed that he sold his properties to raise the necessary funds required for the production of the movie.

    The actor, also fondly called by his moniker, Jelili, revealed that Jagun Jagun cost billions of naira to produce.

    Adebayo revealed that he merged revenues from the sale of his properties and proceeds from the 2022 movie, King Of Thieves (Agbeshinkole), to bring the movie to life.

    “Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion naira project and I can’t say the exact amount I spent on it on shooting.

    “I used the proceeds of Agbeshinkole to produce Jagun Jagun. I was working on not getting funded by finance houses and individuals.

    “At a point, I was out of finance and because I had faith that the project would work, I sold my properties”.

    The ace actor also spoke on some of the difficulties encountered during the production of the movie.

    “We built from the scratch the warrior school. We were faced with the challenge of purchasing that land, we wanted to own the land. And at a point, we had an agreement and paid for it, but the children of the owner of the land changed their minds about the sale.

    “We built the school halfway when the children who came from Lagos told us to stop. They were ready to destroy all that we built and that held us up for almost a week, going to the police station and Obas appealing to them and we were told to only shoot there and not buy it.”

    On what inspired the movie, Adebayo said, “I wanted to pass across a social message to the youths and wanted to do it culturally.”

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