I weep over Nigerian’s poor state of Power Supply – Crowncy Anyanwu, actress


Delectable Nigerian actress, Crowncy Anyanwu recently went on tour around some African countries for business purpose and also to see and interact with her clients.

Sadly, that trip left a bitter taste of Nigeria in her mouth.

In this chat with Pearlsnews.com the Imo state born script interpreter cum filmmaker voiced her pains and tears for Nigeria.
What are your plans and expectations of 2019?
My biggest expectation this 2019 is that this new government should give Nigeria as a whole constant Electricity like other countries. Because it appears that its only Nigeria that is still suffering from poor electricity; which is totally wrong. We are called GIANT OF AFRICA, yet we don’t have constant electricity. This is so bad.
As regards to my plans this 2019, I’m making plans to set up an NGO to help the less privileged and be a mouthpiece of the poor. I pray God helps me to achieve my dreams.

You have been scare in the movies for while, what’s going?
Yeah I have been chasing one or two things for sometime now, but the good thing is that am fully back now.
You have been visiting different countries of late, any plans?
Not really, I travel based on business, mainly to see my clients.

What are the difference between Nigeria and other African countries you have visited?
Hmmm there is no comparison my dear. I don’t even know where to start from , is it the electricity that we don’t have? Or the pot hole seen everywhere in Nigerian roads? I seriously plead with our government to do the right things please. It’s beginning to look like Nigeria is poorest countries in the world meanwhile we are not. God blessed us richly with oil etc. We are rich. Our leaders should please do the right things for us and I seriously believe that any regime that gives Nigeria constant electricity , will not only be remembered forever, but will also be recognized worldwide. Sometimes, I weep for Nigeria.

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What is Nigeria missing?

It’s still same electricity I have been talking about , seriously. Do u know if there is constant electricity, it will attract investors , mainly foreign investors, and there will be many companies in Nigeria , thereby helping our unemployed youths get employed. So, the number one thing we need in Nigeria is constant electricity.
When this unemployed youths are employed trust me, crime will reduce drastically.

What did you miss about Nigeria too over there? Food?
Lol…yes I missed our food.
Can you marry a foreigner?

Nooooh I love our Nigerian guys lol ..

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