I will stop my daughter from going into acting – Monalisa Chinda


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Good-looking Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda has said she will never inspire her daughter to go into acting because of the challenges faced in the career.

The light-skinned actress made this known in an interview in which she was asked if she would support her children if they decided to pursue an acting career.

“I am not sure!”

Pressed further on why she might withhold her support, the actress said, “With what’s going on now? I would try to talk her out of it. It’s difficult to deal with fame.

“The society would expect you to act in certain way, talk in certain way, and not seen in certain places!

“It’s difficult. However, I am not God. He may have His own purpose for her. After all, we are here to fulfil our purposes on earth.”

She lamented that because of her fame it had become difficult for her to do the normal things, like buying things on the street, that others do.

“No, I can’t. But if I am with my hubby alone in the car, he can pull over and help with that. If I am with someone else, they help too,” Chinda said.

Monalisa Chinda, who hosts ‘You and I with Monalisa’, a 30-minutes talk show, also revealed the craziest thing that a fan ever did to her.

She said, “A fan has tried to grab and peck me on my cheek. I was alarmed. I had to tell him to step back and steer clear off me. He later on apologised and pleaded for a selfie, which I later obliged.”

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