Igbo responsible for the insecurity in Anambra – Soludo


The Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo, has said that those behind insecurity and perpetrating criminalities in the state are Igbo

He made the statement during his live interview on Channels TV’s Politics Today.

According to him, Some of these criminals also hide under the cloak of agitation but IPOB has repeatedly distanced itself from the criminals. They are kidnappers and plain criminals and they indulge in these because it is lucrative.

Anambra is without a doubt the richest state in the South-East so this is the state where kidnapping has the highest value and so you will have their highest concentration here. But we are decimating them.

They are not unknown gunmen, they are unknown to the extent that maybe are not caught immediately. But I can tell you we’ve been catching quite a lot of them and they already know that Anambra is not safe for them anymore.

The 8.5 million residents in Anambra can testify to you that insecurity has come down to the barest minimum. At least, in the last three months, cases of insecurity that seem to be daily affairs have come to a halt.

We have decimated criminal gangs and their infrastructures and I don’t think they have the capacity again to come with the kind of ferocity they have in the past.