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I’ll speak on my baby mama scandal in due time –Klint Da Drunk

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A few weeks ago , ace comedian , Klint Da Drunk , was in the news after a lady identified as Sandra Novo -Jacob alleged that he impregnated her and did not want to take responsibility for the child . 

But since the allegation was made , the comedian has kept mum till when he spoke with Saturday Beats.

When the comedian was asked about his side of the story , he said that he would address the matter in due time .

 “Don ’t worry about that one. That gist would come out in due time . Just leave that part,” he said .

Taking a trip down memory lane, the comedian said that initially , no one wanted him to pursue a career in comedy , especially as he was portraying himself as a drunkard .

 He told Saturday Beats that things were so bad that his father once beat him and locked him in a toilet.

“When I first started the Klint Da Drunk character , my parents did not like it at all ; in fact, nobody liked it. 

There was a time my father locked me in a toilet after beating me , then he brought me out after some time , beat me again and told me that if I ever did the character again , I would be in trouble .

 When he found out that I was going for shows while in school , he threatened not to pay my school fees and truly , he did not pay . 

I went for other shows , made some money and it was my mother that gave me the other half of the fees . My father did not pay . When my mother was doing that , she did not like it,” he said .

Klint Da Drunk stated that after comedy made him famous, his father was quick to say that his gift was passed down to him from his paternal grandfather .

“When I became successful in my craft, my father came to meet me and told me that I did not make him understand what I was doing at the time he was punishing me . 

He said that his father used to be very funny too in those days and he was sure I got the gift from his father ( my grandfather ) .

 I simply told him that I did not get the gift from anybody and I am the originator of comedy in the family and I would pass it down.

“The truth is that I am grateful to my father for not allowing me the full freedom I desired . If he did , I might not have been the comedian I am today .

 Simply because he told me to quit comedy , I wanted to prove a point and I took it seriously . I knew what I was doing was not wrong or bad, I just wanted to do comedy ,” he said .



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