In This Recession?? Woman spends over N600,000 on Christmas presents for her dogs


Oyinbo woman spent 600 thousand Naira on Christmas presents for her dogs.
A 26-year old Oyinbo woman said that she spent £1,250 (623 thousand Naira) on presents for her dogs this Christmas even more than her own boyfriend.

Vikki Jose, took her pets four-year-old Labrador, Harvey and two-year-old Bichon Frise, Lola on a shopping spree to celebrate the festive season.

The pampered pooches even have their own Christmas wish list for Santa – as well as personalised stockings and advent calendars with doggy treats inside. Mirror UK reported.

The Newspaper also reported that she has spent over £10,000 (5 million Naira) on her beloved dogs over the last four years.

The healthcare assistant told Mirror UK: “My friends and family think I’m mad when it comes to my dogs.

“But I don’t see them as dogs, I see them as humans stuck in dogs’ bodies.

“To me they are my children and the most special thing in my life.”

And she happily admits to spending more on them than her boyfriend of three years, Jack Cassidy, 26, a car body painter.

This year she has bought 100 presents for her dogs, including dozens of soft toys, clothes, blankets, cushions, treats, new collars and leads.

Vikki says: “People might say that spoiling my dogs this much is excessive, but I think it’s fine.

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