The global fear of Coronavirus has grown rapidly within the past few weeks. Several new outlets confirm that the virus is in the United States. Some people on the Internet believed that Jackie Chan was under quarantine as a precaution but he shut down those claims on his personal website.

The 65-year-old wrote, “Recently, my staff told me about the news that’s been circulating around the world, saying that I’ve been placed under quarantine for COVID-19,” he began.

“Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for everybody’s concern! I’m very healthy and safe, and haven’t been quarantined. I’ve received many messages from friends asking if I’m ok. Your love and concern is so heartwarming.

Thank you! I’ve also received some very special gifts from fans all over the world during this very difficult time. Thank you for the face masks. Your thoughtfulness is well received! And I’ve asked my lovely staff to donate your kindness through official organisations to those who need it most.”

Thankfully this was just a rumor and Jackie Chan is safe and sound. Be sure that you’re carefully reading information about the virus because there’s a lot of cap on this app.

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