Kanye West officially gets a new name today with Judge’s approval


American billionaire rapper, Kanye Westhas officially changes his name to “Ye” and not Kanye anymore. A Los Angeles judge today approved a petition by Kanye West to officially change his name to be known simply as “Ye,” with no middle or last name.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court gave her nod to the request by the singer, who filed his petition on Aug. 24 and stated he was making the change for personal reasons.

Kanye West officially changes his name To ?Ye,? with Judge?s approval today

In June 2018, the rapper, 44, released an eighth studio album titled “Ye.” That same year, the singer said in an interview with radio host Big Boy that he believes “ye” is “the most commonly used word in the Bible, and said in the Bible it means ‘you.’”

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