Lizzy Gold dragged by Netizens for telling Destiny Etiko to unfollow her fans on Tiktok


Actress, Lizzy Gold may have gotten herself in trouble with Netizens as she advised her friend, Destiny Etiko to unfollow her fans on the video sharing app, Tiktok.

The two actresses who were on a movie set filming when Destiny decided to go live on Tiktok.

Lizzy Gold was spotted using Destiny’s phone to compliment her recent TikTok look during the Live session when she noticed that Destiny was following 14 people on the app.

Lizzy continued by explaining the Dos and Don’ts of using TikTok to her friend, She continued by telling Destiny it wasn’t necessary to follow her admirers on the app, and she should unfollow all of them.

This comment got a lot of Netizens angry as they came for her, see some comments below;