Budding actress and entrepreneur, Wini Lazarus has expressed her thoughts on the lockdown extension.

In a chat with TheNewsGuru, the role interpreter noted that the lockdown is not a guarantee that men who have bonding with their wives will remain faithful after the lockdown.

According to her: ”I don’t think the lockdown will make Nigerian men faithful to their wives. After the lockdown, they will still go back to their girlfriends and concubines.Men are just who they are, cheating is I their nature”.

The actress also urged the Federal Government to provide palliatives in order to cushion the effects of staying at home.

“Yes I support the second lockdown and it’s for our own good but the problem is government has not provided the basic needs for the people . Many Nigerians are suffering on the street .So many people are going through one thing or the other. Police men are busy harassing people who are trying to find a means of survival.I was almost robbed today while I was on my way out to get some things. There are boys out there ready to rob and snatch people’s bag.I only escaped by chance”.

Describing how the COVID-19 crisis has affected her as an entertainer, she said:”It’s not been easy staying at home as an entertainer. If not for the lockdown, I am supposed to be working on a project. I would have love to go out and network wit people. All this isnt possible for now”, she said.

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