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    Majid Michel Likes Nadia Buari, Genevieve Nnaji But Wants Rihanna

    ‘’I really love acting with Nadia Buhari. Nadia is one of
    my favourites because of her deep understanding of the act. She really
    understands all the tricks of what acting is all about. She understands her
    character very well, so, it makes something called the feedback loop, it’s an
    acting term; it makes it easier for you as an actor. In Nigeria, I like to work
    with Genevieve.
    For my female celebrity crush, she is not an actress but
    a music star. Her name is Rihanna (laughs), these were the direct words of
    handsome Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel in recent interview with Encomium

    The happily married actor and father of two lovely girls revealed
    that he always loves working with Nadia Buari and Nigerian Genevieve Nnaji, but
    he is crushing on Rihanna.
    ‘I Know Rihanna is a bad girl but God brought me here to
    make her good’ he added with more laughter.
    Majid has been married for 10 years, so he also shared the
    secret of his successful marriage to those who wants their union stand on a solid
    You need information about marriage. You need to take a
    test on marriage. Marriage is the only institution you get your certificate
    before the test. You need information before you get into marriage. Love does
    not keep a marriage; divorced people will tell you that. What happens to; I
    love you, but we used to be in love. Love does not keep a marriage and sex is
    not a glue. Love and sex never keep a marriage. It is knowledge and
    understanding. You need to know about marriage, you tell a girl or a guy I love
    you, but do you love marriage? They’re two different things. If a guy tells you
    I love you, and when you tell him let’s get married, he is running away,
    because love and marriage are different. Marriage is an institution, telling
    somebody a vow is not a marriage. It is a building that both of you are going
    to be in. The key element is knowledge, because knowledge is information and
    you need to have lots of information about marriage, then you understand these
    information, you comprehend them and you tell yourself; I am ready to do it.
    Not because I love her, but because I am ready to help her achieve her dreams.
    I’m ready to make our dreams come true with her. She is your help to accomplish
    your purpose. We stop making babies and grownups believe the first thing you
    need is a girlfriend or a boyfriend. That is not what you need; the first thing
    you need is the presence of God. Not a man or a woman, it is not about
    relationships, it is about God. The aim and the target has been lost, the
    reason and the purpose of our existence has been lost.’’

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