Material things has taken over true love in relationships  – BBNaija’s Ese Eriata


For Nollywood actress who was also one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija 2018, Ese Eriata the true is hard to find these days, as material things has taken over and made a priority in relationship.

According to Ese, “A lot has changed in this century. Love is not what it use to be. Back then love was all that mattered. We didn’t use to care about fancy houses and cars, we didn’t use to mind flying Okada with someone we are in love with. We didn’t use to bother if there was no money to buy fancy shoes and clothes, all we wanted was just one another and build our dreams with amazing and beautiful words. On a weekend night when there was no money to hang out and have fun we just stay at home in bed listen to the best kind of R & B and just cuddle till morning and wake up like we had the best night ever, or watch movies in bed. Love was unconditional and true, then we never had a reason why we loved that special someone, their flaws looked perfect in our eyes, love use to be beautiful and true until everything changed.”

The Edo born budding actress also lamented that women are no longer after true love but will do anything to be with a man that can gift them luxuries.

“Now it’s all based on material things, a woman’s first sentence is “he has to be rich” Someone who can gift them luxury items, someone who can take them on vacation, someone who can take them to the nicest restaurant in town..
When people say the word “ I love you” it comes from the deepest part of their heart, but now the word “I love you” is like saying “good morning” no regard for the word, it can be said even when it’s not from the heart.”

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