Plus size actress cum social media influencer Monalisa Stephen has reiterated that she will never have a child that would suckle at her mammoth mammary glands.

Asked why she plans never to have a child of her own, Monalisa Stephen says,  “I’ll never have kids. I’d rather go for an adoption. It’s just a personal decision I took since I was 15. In fact I may dedicate my life’s work in catering for kids around the world. I love children. My partner will have to understand and respect my decision. If he truly loves me, he would understand and will protect me from his family member’s pressure. My future husband has to be God fearing and Responsible. Respectful and Caring,” she told Pearls News.

Monalisa Stephen also recounted her initial battle with accepting her ‘flat backside’ which doesn’t compliment her upper endowments. The dark and pretty lady who is now into body positivity campaign stated that at some point in her life, she was tempted to have a backside surgery to enhance her look. She recalled: “I used to feel quite insecure about my backside. I will ask my late mum why my sisters got the best ass shape except me. I had concluded that having a flat ass was my punishment. It really used to get to me a lot.”

“Some days, I used to wear Ass pads for support. In fact, sometime ago, I almost paid for a liposuction then I asked myself if I will be truly happy after the surgery and deep down the answer was No. So, you see at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Now, I don’t care. I am not against liposuction; you’re free to change what you don’t like about your body. Just make sure you’re doing it for you and not anyone. Life’s Short. Be happy and  love yourself first.”

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Asked how she reacts to negative comments from fans over her body expository lifestyle, the plus sized model says, “I’m my own inspiration, the my journey to self love. I feel people who are negative are going through a lot . They need love. So now whenever a troll come for my I will just ignore or send them a love message; that always shut them off,” Monalisa Stephen stated.

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