Must Read! Five Common Sex Problems


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Sex is considered to be the manifestation of love. Thus, we believe that sex must bring pleasure.

 Unfortunately, a lot of couples experience sexual problems, which often may lead to breakups. 


You would be surprised to learn that most of sex problems affect relationshipbecause of the absence of trust. 

One partner may feel uncomfortable with their sex routines, but is too afraid to speak up, as he or she doesn’t want to disappoint another partner. 

The funniest point is that you can easily save your relationship if you talk about your sexproblems. 

But before talking about it with your partner, you need to make sure that you areexperiencing sexual problems. So, in order to avoid confusion, real brides offered you to checkthe five most common sex problems in relationships that we’ve collected.

Laziness- Wait, what? Oh, you thought that we are going to talk about erectile dysfunction? In that case you need to visit your urologist and your shrink, as articles would unlikely help you. 

At thesame time, laziness is one of the typical sex problems in marriage. You know how it goes.

First you enjoy each other; you are eager to spend as much time in bed with each other as possible. But as time flows, your sexual activities are becoming more and more lazy, until they fade completely. 

You might think that it is normal, but it’s not unless you are asexuals.You need to talk with your partner about it, or you should just suggest experimenting in bed.

Boredom- One of the most common sex problems in a relationship is boredom. It starts when you caneasily predict your partner’s actions. 

You know that you are going to watch a movie tonight,and after that your partner is going to bang you for an hour or so. 

Stability is okay, but sex life that causes boredom can easily lead to looking for some sugar on the side, which is notokay, unless you are a couple of swingers. 

Once again, you need to talk with your partner about it. Anything can help, from role-playing to sex outdoors. 

Moreover, just changing the other (first you have sex, then you watch a movie) can save you from getting bored of your sex life.

Dismissing The Connection Between Physical and Emotional Intimacy- Some couples try to separate their regular life from their in-bed-activities. But your sex life isa part of your life, as much as your bedroom is a part of your house. Thus, the way you treateach other outside of the bedroom affects the way you treat each other in bedroom. 

Partners who are constantly nagging each other rarely enjoy their sexual life. You can try talking it over, but we think that a few sessions with your shrink would be a better help.

Diferent Sexual Drives- Nothing makes sex less enjoyable than disparate sexual drives. Your sex drive is high, whileyour partner’s sex drive is low, or vice versa. 

One needs sex everyday, while another feelsokay with having sex once in a week. Of course, you are going to have fights where the onewith the higher sexual drive would criticize the partner with the lower sexual drive.

 But it allcomes to trust and respect. If you have a higher sex drive, you need to give your partner somealone time, as you don’t want your sexual activities to be torture for him or her. 

If you have the lower sexual drive, you need to understand that sex is physical manifestation of youremotional bond, thus you can engage in more often, to strengthen your bond.

Pain- This is one of the most common problems with both anal and vaginal sex. If you are not experiencing any pain, mind to ask your partner whether he or she is feeling okay with that. If you are experiencing pain, don’t keep silent because of fear to disappoint your partner. Talk about it, as your romantic relationship depends on it.


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